About Us

„What the hell is Drumlife Audio“, you say. „OMG, another website with garbage kits“, you say. Well, we at Drumlife Audio really think you have the right to feel like that. But why? Because the internet is full of websites selling you their „top stuff that will turn you into a top-selling industry producer“. There is usually an incredible amount of products you can choose from and be honest, how many of them are actually GOOD? I’ve been there myself and wasted a lot of money for garbage products that I NEVER EVER use – that’s why I created Drumlife Audio.

My name is Ondřej Procházka. You might as well know me as Deemax Beats, or you might not know me at all (here’s my youtube channel if you’re interested). I’ve been making beats since 2009 and it played a huge role in my life. I love creating new things & I also love challenges.

The idea behind Drumlife Audio is not to create something that will be just another website with hundreds of kits but to create a website that you can rely on when you need new kits to expand your sound library or the site you go to to learn new things, or to just have a chat with other people like you. We don’t release a lot and we probably never will, but I assure you that everything we release was made with passion and to make our customers happy and excited about their new sounds, not angry or regretting the purchase.

It’s all about the quality, not quantity.